How Many Mice Are in a Litter?


When mice have a litter of babies they can have anywhere from one to 32 depending on the size and the age of the mother. Their first and their last litters are usually the ones with the least amount of young. Mice start to reproduce as early as 5 weeks old.
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1. Determine the presence of mice in your home. Mice are very good at avoiding humans, but you can spot them by the droppings they leave near food, nests of soft chewed material that
there are 5 to 10 per litter.
The average size of a mouse's litter is 10-12 mice. ChaCha!
I hate to have to tell you but mice can have as many as 20 in a litter, although 10 to 12 is more the norm. I am assuming that the mouse is not a pet since you are having to catch
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Since most mice are very fertile they can have up to seventeen babies per litter. The average pinkies per litter is eight to ten. Mice can produce a litter every three to four weeks. You can find more information here:
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