How Many Mice in a Litter?


Mice can have many babies in a litter, the first litter tends to be the smallest with around 5 to 10 babies. The following babies can be between 10 to 20.
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They say that mice have 5 to 10 kittens for their first litter. The next litter could be as many as 10 to 20 kittens. There is a lot of room to work with there. So I guess the answer
1. Determine the presence of mice in your home. Mice are very good at avoiding humans, but you can spot them by the droppings they leave near food, nests of soft chewed material that
there are 5 to 10 per litter.
The average size of a mouse's litter is 10-12 mice. ChaCha!
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When mice have a litter of babies they can have anywhere from one to 32 depending on the size and the age of the mother. Their first and their last litters are ...
Typically, a mouse has around 12 babies at once. However, they have been known to have as few as one, and as many as twenty in one litter. ...
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