How Many Miles across the United States?


Across the United States, from East to West, it is about 2,880 miles. Now, if you are going from North to South, it is about 1,860 miles.
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4500 km 2,092 miles, as the crow flies.
1. Determine your route. 2. Get on your loaded bike. 3. Ride the first leg, between 40 and 60 miles, to your campsite. 4. Leave early the next day. 5. Ride in a gear easier than necessary
It's about 3,000 miles from the east coast to the west coast of the US.
The shortest distance from the East to West Coast would be 2,092 mi...
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The continental United States extends 4,662 km (2,897 mi) from ENE to WSW and 4,583 km (2,848 mi) from SSE to NNW.
The amount of miles will vary based on the location of measurement.
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