How Many Miles from Florida to the Bahamas?


From the narrowest points of both Florida and the Bahamas, there are only about 55 miles. However, from a large metropolitan area like Fort Lauderdale, the distance between Florida and a major Bahamian island is more than 200 miles. There are many day cruises that go from Floridian ports to Bahamian ports, as well as overnight cruises where one can spend the night on a Bahamian island. A passport is needed to take one of these cruises.
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100 miles.
The Bahamas are approximately 45 miles away from Miami. Thanks
The state of Florida is about 69,795 square miles. It is a peninsula and is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
1. Ready your boat with all the proper supplies. Make sure you have ample gasoline and enough food and water to hold you over, as it is a very short trip. 2. Enter the coordinates
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