How Many Miles Is a 20k Race?


A 20 Kilometre race is equivalent to 12.4 miles. One Kilometre is equivalent to 0.6 miles. There are several website which you can use for such conversion and they are free.
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12.4 miles.
A 20K road race is 12.4 miles long. Thanks for using ChaCha!
1. Train with other competitive cyclists. The faster they are, the better. In cycling, you won't improve unless you push yourself beyond your normal limits, and strong competition
1. Get ready mentally. If you think you can't run a fast mile, than you probably won't. Think positive thoughts and have someone in your family, or maybe just a friend, tell you positive
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On an official race track, such as those used in Olympic games, one lap around the track is 400 meters. This equates to approximately a quarter of a mile. Not ...
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