How Many Miles is It Coast to Coast in the Us?


It is about 3,000 miles from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the coast of California. It will take over two days to make the drive by car. Measuring from Maine to California is about 3,500 miles.
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The shortest distance from the East to West Coast (as the crow flies) would be 2,092 miles (3,347 km) from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL. More input from WikiAnswers contributors
It is 2655 miles from the Pacific Coast in Los Angeles, CA to the Atlantic
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It is difficult to determine how many miles it is from coast to coast in the USA because the United States is not a uniform shape. The amount of miles it takes ...
According to the first measuring, the Coast to Coast Walk is a 192-mile. But according to a recent re-measuring the real distance is approximately 220 miles. It ...
Depending on where you measured the United States is between 3,000 and ...
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