How Many Miles Is It from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?


The distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is approximately 368 kilometres (228.62 Miles). The travelling time is approximately 4 hours depending on the weather and the traffic conditions.
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About 250 miles separate them.
Las Vegas, NV is about 278 miles away from Los Angeles, CA. It
It is 266 miles from Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA. It would take about 4 hours and 8 mins to travel by car, with no traffic.
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Las Vegas is regarded as the most populous city in Nevada, United States; it was established in 1905 and officially became a city in 1911. Los Angeles is considered as the second most populous city in the United States. It was founded on September 4; 1781.The distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is about 228 miles.
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