How Many Miles Is the Atlantic Ocean?


The Atlantic Ocean has an area of about 41,100,000 square miles. Its widest section is about 990 miles while the depth of water at the apex of the ridge is less than 1.678 miles in most sections of the ocean.
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Covering 41.1 million square miles, the Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean on our planet. It covers around one fifth of the entire surface of the Earth.
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The Atlantic Ocean stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the Southern Ocean around Antarctica, roughly 9000 miles (14500 km) north to south.
The Atlantic Ocean which is the second largest, is surrounded by North and South America, Africa, Antarctica and Europe. The Ocean extends to about 20 percent of the Earth surface
The Atlantic Ocean has an area of 29.64 million square miles. It is...
1. Understand that you may be a little nervous to adventure out on the East coastline in a long narrow, tube-like boat called a kayak. Paddling around in the salt water ocean. 2.
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The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean on Earth, comprising 20% of the planet's surface. There are both wide and narrow points in the Atlantic ocean, so ...
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