How Many Miles Per Hour Does a Plane Travel?


The speed of airplane depends on several factors, such as how much baggage is on board. However the average speed of a jet plane is about 600 MPH. The take off speed is averaged and about 200 mph.
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It depends on the plane. A commercial airliner cruises at a little over 500 mph. Military fighter jets can speed at 1400mph. The SR71B Blackbird survelince plane could go over 3000mph
The record fastest speed for an airplane is 2,193
1. Write down the information you know as an equation in order to make your calculation. The equation is Velocity (MPH) = Distance (in miles) / Time (in hours) 2. Turn on the calculator
Most larger trans continental aircraft travel in the range of 500-550 knots per hour. On a flight from San Francisco to Washingon you should expect to be on the plane for a minimum
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Jetliners normally cruise at about 35,000 feet at speeds over 500 miles per hour.
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