How Many Miles Should a Diesel Engine Last?


The lifetime of an engine is determined by several factors such as the make of the vehicle, the maintenance and ownership. A well maintained diesel engine can go well over 250,000 miles.
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It really depends on the history of the vehicle, the ownership and maintenance. GM Diesels have been known to go for quite a while, as was mentioned above. One thing to point out
Diesel engines usually are built to be much stronger than gasoline engines in a given application and diesel engines wear much less under a high engine load than gasoline engines.
Depends on maintenance. With the use of cheap, non-diesel rated oils and irregular oil changes 200,000 miles would be about all you could hope for. With proper maintenance, good oils
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Diesel engines can last a long time if properly taken care of and maintained. The average life of a diesel engine is 500,000 miles. It then will more than likely ...
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