How Many Miles to Mars?


The current distance from the sun to the planet Mars is 152.9 million miles and the current distance from the Earth to Mars is 147.5 million miles. The surface temperature of Mars is a bone chilling -53 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Mars can be between 36 million miles to over 250 million miles away from Earth depending upon where they are in orbit. Since they orbit the sun the distance changes.
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This is very difficult to determine because both Mars and Earth orbit around the sun at different speeds. The distance between Mars and Earth is estimated to around 36 million miles
the radus in miles is 2107 miles thank you
The surface area of Mars is 89,500,000 square miles. Did you know t...
At it's closest, Mars is 36 million miles from Earth. It would take almost 69 years to drive that far!
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Mars can be anywhere from 34 million to 250 million miles from Earth. The distance between Mars and Earth varies based on it's elliptical orbit. ...
When at it's furthest from the sun the planet Mars is approximately 154.8 million miles away from the Sun.When at it's the closest, it is approximately 128.4 million ...
Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. The distance between the mars and the sun is approximately 141.6 million miles. Mars orbits the sun thus the distance between ...
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