How Many Miles to Outer Space?


If you travel straight up from sea level for 62.1 miles you will reach outer space. It is not that far to travel it is just the changes of the atmosphere that make it difficult.
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Did you know that you can take a trip into outer space for $200,000? Outer space can be reached between 62-70 miles above the earth's crust. For more information, look here: http:
Approximately 62 miles.
There are 100 kilometers or 62 miles between land and where atmosphere meets space.
1. Choose a location outdoors where lights are minimal. If you live within city limits, you may have to go to a more rural area just to see the stars in the sky. 2. Use the binoculars
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Outer space is located about 62 miles above the Earth's surface. The air begins to turn more dense the higher the altitude. The sun is located about 93 million ...
As of last year about 500 astronauts had been registered to having been out of space. ...
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