How Many Miles to Space?


An altitude of about 65 miles is used as the point where space officially begins.
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Earth is about 93 million miles from the Sun, and it takes the Earth 365 days to orbit the Sun, 1 year. Mercury is the closet to the Sun, and can orbit it in 88 days. You can find more information here:
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From Earth you would have to travel 62 miles up to reach space. That is cool because I thought that it was outside of Earths atmosphere. The Earths atmosphere is 500 miles thick.
none i think like 20.
Space is officially defined as anything higher than 62 miles from E...
The velocity that the ISS travels is determined by a couple physical variables. In the simplified case of a perfectly circular orbit the velocity can be derived by knowing: 1. The
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If you travel straight up from sea level for 62.1 miles you will reach outer space. It is not that far to travel it is just the changes of the atmosphere that ...
Space is actually not very far away from Earth and one needs to only travel 220 miles high to reach it. That is less than the length of some US states. There are ...
The miles from earth to space cannot be given in one standard number. It is going to depend where you are standing on the earth to give the exact number, but a ...
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