How many miles do you have to go up to get out of the Earth's atmosphere and into space?


It takes approximately 300 miles to get out of the Earths atmosphere into space. This distance is equivalent to about 480 kilometres. There is no definite place where the atmosphere terminates; it just gets thinner and thinner, until it fuses with outer space.
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It would take 100 kilometers that is 62 miles up. At 3,500 MPH, if a space shuttle is itinerant about one mile each flash. That denotes it only grasps 32 seconds extra to reach a height of 62 miles away. If you want to take hastening into account, it is a few seconds less.So it takes approximately 150 seconds for the shuttle to get out of earth's atmosphere.
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According to data collected by the University of Calgary, space begins and the Earth's atmosphere ends at 73 miles above the Earth's surface. However, other countries ...
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