How Many Millimetres in a Foot?


1 foot is equal to 304.8 millimeters
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One foot is equal to 304.8 millimeters.
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There are 304.8 millimetres in one foot.
It can be bad news depending on what kind of needle. Physicians and Dentists dispose of sharps in a safe manner, so there is a chance that the needle was used for some non-medicle
3 feet is equivalent to 914 millimetres.
About a week ago, I was coming from my dentist. On my way home, I stepped onto a rock, and felt a hard pain into my foot. I ignored it, I thought was just a little rock that entered
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A millimetre is a unit of measurement used for length. A centimetre contains ten millimetres, and both units are derived from the base unit metre. ...
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Millimetres are a measurement of length equal to 1000th of a meter while a litre is a measurement of volume equal to 1000 millilitres. Assuming a density of 1mL ...
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