How Many Mini Marshmallows Equal One Large?


The amount of tiny marshmallows that would equal one large one can vary depending on marshmallow sizes and shapes. There are numerous experiments you can do to determine the size and comparison for other marshmallows.
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10 mini marshmallows are equivalent to 1 large marshmallow.
1 regular mashmallow = 10 mini Marshmallows. 1 cup mini mashmallows = 10 large marshmallows. Source(s)
226.8 grams of marshmallow cream equals 2 cups mini marshmallow. Have fun cooking.
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According to Kraft Foods One regular marshmallow equals 13 miniature marshmallow. Therefor, if you are cooking and need 5 marshmallows, you can substitute 65 mini ...
It takes 10 mini marshmallows to make one regular sized marshmallow. It also takes 4 cups of mini marshmallows to make one bag of the bigger marshmallows. 1/2 ...
Mini marshmallows are very popular in hot drinks such as hot chocolate and are sometimes called for in some recipes. When a recipe calls for a large marshmallow ...
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