How many minutes of music can a CD hold?


A compact disc can hold up to 74 minutes and 33 seconds of music. There are a couple of different theories as to why CDs hold this precise amount of audio.

One of the most popular origin theories for this specific length begins with Norio Ohga, president of Sony in the 1980s. Ohga, a former opera singer, demanded that the CD format be able to include the entirety of Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony," the longest version of which lasted 74 minutes. Thus, a 12-centimeter, 74-minute format was chosen. Another theory claims that the length was merely a compromise between Sony and Phillips, the two companies which developed the compact disc.

Q&A Related to "How many minutes of music can a CD hold?"
The 74 minute CD can hold up to 650 MB.
An average CD can hold 700 MB (megabytes) worth of data.
Songs in shorten (shn), wma, and mp3 formats require less space than CDA (cd audio) format. CD audio requires about 1 mb per minute, so you're not going to fit 100 minutes on an audio
It matters how big the CD is and how big the picture file is. An average CDR is 700mb and my pictures are saved at about 1.4mb. I could fit 500 pictures on a CDR.
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