How Many ML in a Litre?


One litre has 1000 millilitres (ml), both measurements are used to indicate measurement of a fluid's capacity in containers. However, the litre can be use to measure non-fluid capacities like berries in a measuring container.
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It's 0.3 litres, as 1000ml make up a litre.
1 Liter = 1000 Milliliters. ChaCha on!
The answer is in the question. the word milli means 1/1000 So to make up to one litre you got to keep adding a milli till the numerator equals the denominator. By then you will have
0.5 L - 0.15 L = 0.35 L or 350 mL.
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One liter is equal to 1,000 milliliters.
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2 litres contains 2000 millilitres. A litre is the unit of measurement of the volume of fluid in their container. A millilitre is also used to measure the volume of fluids but in small quantities.
One litre is equivalent to 1000 millilitres. One litre is also equivalent to 1000 cubic centimetres. So there are 0.001 litres in a millilitre.
A litre is made up of a1000 millilitres (mol). The prefix 'mili', in millilitre means 1/1000, thus a millilitre is a thousandth of a litre.
1 litre is equal to 1000 mililitres.
1000 mls is equal to 1 litre.
1000ml = 1 litre
A litre of liquid has exactly 1,000 millilitres. You can calculate different volume units by using a metric conversion calculator. For more information, visit:
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5 oz (fluid ounces) is equivalent to 147.87mililitres. It is also equivalent to 0.1479 litres, 0.3125 pints, 0.625 cups, 0.1563 quartz and 0.0391 gallons. These ...
The value of one litre is equal to 2.11337642 pints, which means that the value of 5 litres is equivalent to five litres multiplied by 2.11337642 pints. Therefore ...
50 centilitres is equivalent to 0.5 litres or half a litre. Centilitre is a unit of volume that is equivalent to a hundredth of a litre. This means that 100 centilitres ...
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