How Many Months Is 26 Weeks Pregnant?


Six and a half months is 26 weeks pregnant. This is considered part of the second trimester, nearly at the beginning of the third.
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Twenty Six weeks pregnant is the last week in the sixth month of pregnancy. You are considered to be in your second trimester until the end of this week. Your third trimester will
26 weeks pregnant is between 4-41/2 months.So you are in your second
6.5 months or 6 and 1/2 months.
Wow, you got a lot of wrong answers. I can't believe how complicated it is to answer this question. It's sooooo easy. There is not 10 months in pregnancy! Yes there are 40 weeks in
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23 weeks pregnant is 6 months pregnant. You will go into your seventh month pregnant at week 27. You are considered in your third trimester at six months pregnant ...
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