How Many Months Salary for an Engagement Ring?


It is customary for a person to have 2 months salary for an engagement ring. Of course, this cost will vary by one's salary.
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Standard rule is two months salary this is also a rule that the diamond
I couldn't agree with you more. The idea that you can calculate your love for someone based on a proportion of your salary is just kind of ridiculous. I think that the price is immaterial
lol thats cos he wants u to spend heaps. i worked in a jewellery store and most people spend about 3 months thats a decent amount if u think about how much that is but a lot of people
It is entirely up to the couple as to how much they wish to spend on rings. You will most often hear the ludicrous phrase claiming a man should "spend two months of salary on
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The average price of an engagement ring is between $3,500 and $4,000. Traditionally, the groom would spend at least two months worth of salary to purchase a ring ...
1. Determine your budget. The old adage of "two months' salary" is a nice idea, but sometimes it just isn't practical. or necessary. Nowadays, engagement ...
Traditionally it has been customary for a man to spend around 1 to 3 months of his salary on an engagement ring. This is done because such an expensive purchase ...
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