How Many Moons Does Jupiter Have?


Jupiter has 63 moons. The 4 largest moons of Jupiter are called the Galilean moons. The rest of the moons are much smaller ranging from 250 kilometers in diameter size downwards.
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1. Know where Jupiter is in the sky. You'll need to point a telescope at it later. Use an online sky chart to find the best time for observing Jupiter. Ad. 2. Find a good time to's-Moons
Jupiter has 63 moons. [See link for more information] the main moons on Jupiter are Amalthea, Io, Europa, and Callisto. Actually the four largest moons on Jupiter are Io, Europa,
Because Io is so close to Jupiter. This means "tidal forces" are caused by Jupiter. causing distortions leading to volcanic activity. The moon Io is easily the most "
volcanic activity.'s_moon_I...
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Jupiter has 4 main moons, which are some of the biggest satellites in the Solar System, and 63 total natural satellites. The names of the main moons are Io, Europa ...
Jupiter has 63 moons or satellites. This makes Jupiter the planet with the most moons in our Solar System. The biggest satellites are the Galilean moons which ...
The names of the Jupiter's moons are Metis, Andrastea, Amalthea, Theve, Lo, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Leda, Himali and Lysithea. Jupiter is the largest planet ...
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