How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?


Saturn has 46 moons which are all in different size and it is second largest planet with most moons.
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Saturn has 60 moons, but most of them are pretty small. A lot of them were only discovered in the last few years, and 52 of them have official names.
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As of right now astronomers have discovered 60 moons orbiting Saturn. Most of these are very small particles of rock, but Saturn also has some of the largest moons ...
Almost every planet has a moon except Mercury and Venus. Earth has 1 moon, Mars has 2, Jupiter has 63, Saturn has 61, Uranus has 27, Neptune has 13 and Pluto has ...
Saturn has 31 known moons. Saturn , the sixth planet and the second largest, also has many icy moons like Mimas which has a large crater that is 1/4 the diameter ...
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