How Many Mountains Are There in the World?


It's virtually impossible to count the number of mountains in the world, but it is estimated to stand in the tens of thousands. However the worlds tallest mountains have been rumoured to be about 450.
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The Blue Ridge mountains and the famous Blue Ridge Parkway are visited by about 18 million people every year. Many of the visitors to these mountains don't get out of their vehicles
The simplest measurement is the point on the Earth's surface that is farthest from the Earth's center. By this measure, Chimborazo in Ecuador is the highest mountain in the world.
Vinson Massif in Antarctica is the coldest mountain in the world with a record temperature of. −128.6 °F. The temperature you cite is for Vostok not Vinson Massif. Vostok
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A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area usually in the form of a peak. There are five major types of mountains these include fold mountains, fault-block mountains, volcanic mountains, dome mountains, plateau mountains. There are thousands of mountains in the world.
About 1/5 of the earth's land surface is covered by mountains.There are over 100,000 mountains all over the world.
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