How Many Movies Did John Wayne Star in?


John Wayne was born in 1907 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Till his death in 1979, he appeared in almost 250 movies. He left behind seven children having been divorced twice.
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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, John Wayne was given leading man or star billing in 143 films.
Wayne first appeared as an uncredited bit player in 1926's "Brown of Harvard. He had played football in college, which suited him for the role of a Yale player in the film. Wayne's
John Wayne was in many military movies. Do you have a specific one in
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John Wayne appeared in 171 films.
Marion Morrison, also known John Wayne as his stage name was the son of Clyde Morrison the pharmacist and his wife Mary. He starred in many movies, among them are: Men without Women, The Green Berets, Rio Grande and The True Grit.
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John Wayne is listed to have died in only eight movies. He is recorded to have appeared in almost 200 films during his acting career. He retired from making movies ...
John Wayne had a total of seven children: Michael, Toni, Patrick, Melinda, Aissa, John Ethan and Marisa. The first four of his children were with his first wife, ...
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