How Many MPG Does a Ford Escape Get?


It depends how many MPG does a Ford Escape get. The MPG is determined by the model. The S model, for instance, can get a 22 mpg in the city or 31 in the highway. The SE model has a 23/33 mpg in the city and highway, respectively.
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With a well maintained engine and transmission you will get 15 city and 20-25 highway.
The 2009 Ford Escape has EPA FUEL ECONOMY RATINGS of: City 20, and Hwy 28. Call
1. Reduce the tire pressure on your vehicle. Driving with low tires that aren't filled all the way reduces the amount of MPGs you obtain while driving. 2. Run the air conditioner
Ford claims 31MPG/34MPG, DOE says it's really 27MPG/32MPG. As usual, the manufacturer's claims are based on optimal circumstances. They say the 4WD version will get 32 city, 29 highway
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