How Many Muscles Are in the Tongue?


There are eight different muscle groups that make up the tongue. The tongue is made up entirely of muscle, with the taste buds on the top that allow you to taste the food you eat. These muscle groups work together to help move food out of the mouth and also help you to speak and pronounce words.
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Styloglossus elevates and retracts tongue. Genioglossus protrudes and depresses centre of tongue. Hyoglossus depresses tongue. Palatoglossus elevates back of tongue and depresses The muscles of the tongue that provide a scaffolding by which the intrinsic muscles can be moved around in the oral cavity while the latter are continuously modifying their dimension
The tongue is really made up of many groups of muscles.Some muscles are inside the
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There are eight muscles in the human tongue. These muscles are classified in two different groups known as the extrinsic muscles and intrinsic muscles. ...
The tongue is a muscle that is located at the base of your mouth. It's main purpose is to help manipulate food so that you can chew and swallow it. It is also ...
A tongue is a large muscle located in the mouth. It is covered in taste buds that allow you to taste what touches the tongue. It also helps with chewing food. ...
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