How Many Nanograms in a One Hit?


The amount of nanograms in a one hit of marijuana is approximately 8 to 17. The actual amount is dependent on the type of marijuana and if there are any other chemicals mixed in with the drug. It is also dependent on the amount inhaled at any given time by the individual.
Q&A Related to "How Many Nanograms in a One Hit?"
It completely depends. You can take a long hit or a short hit, but I don't know nearly enough to tell you in terms of quantity.
There are 1000000000 nanograms in a single gram. ChaCha!'nanograms...
1 nanogram = 1000 picograms, 1 picogram = 0.001 nanograms A nanogram is 1 billionth of a gram.
1 billion The same as in a gram of suger or rice or concrete or anything which weighs a gram why did you write weed? I dunno but if you smoked more than a couple of tokes it will
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