How many national championships has UCLA won?


According to the UCLA Bruins Athletic News website, the UCLA Bruins have won a total of 131 national championships. This includes 110 NCAA team championships.

The UCLA Bruins have won 72 men's NCAA championship titles and 38 women's championship titles. The sport in which the Bruins hold the most titles is men's volleyball, with 19 titles spanning 1970 to 2006. Next are men's tennis with 16 titles, men's baseball with 11, women's softball with 11 and men's water polo and track and field with eight each. Although UCLA is often considered a football powerhouse, it only holds one national title in football, earned in 1954.

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UCLA has won a combined total of 100 championships in all division 1
Baseball. Playing upwards of 60 games per season, the UCLA baseball team endures a grueling schedule. Basketball. UCLA basketball continues to excel well after John Wooden's legendary
UCLA has won the most basketball national championships with 11 championships. Their last win was in 1995. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 08:11PM EST.
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