How Many Neutrons Does Chromium Have?


Each atom of Chromium has 24 neutrons. In addition, it has varying amounts of electrons in each stage which are: 2, 8, 13 and 1. Chromium is a type of hard metal under the table of elements.
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In its most abundant isotope, chromium has 28 neutrons.
To calculate the number of neutrons in an isotope of any element, use the formula Mass Number - Atomic Number = Number of Neutrons.
Chromium is element number 24 on the periodic table. It has 24 electrons and 24 protons. Depending on the isotope, it can have different numbers of neutrons. However, the regular element has 28 neutrons.
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The number of neutrons can vary by isotope for many elements. Most chromium occurs naturally as. 52. Cr with 28 neutrons and 24 protons. However, stable isotopes exist with 29 and
Chromium has 28 neutrons. With its symbol "Cr," it is classified as a transition
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24 protons 28 neutrons Anonymous
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