How Many Noses Does a Slug Have?


Slugs breathe either by means of single lungs or by gills. It is also believed that they have four noses.
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As far as I know, a slug has four noses. I bet the Big Bad Wolf wishes he had four noses. Now, sea slugs don't have noses. They have a pair of rhinophores that's used for smelling and breathing.
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Slugs don't actually have a nose, they have a hole located on the mantle of their right side. This hole is what allows the slug to breathe. The proper name for this hole is a pneumostome
they actually have 4 noses!
Slugs have 4 noses! That is a random fact. Also, Honeybees have a type of hair on
4 slugs in the nose.
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Slugs do not have noses. They breathe through a small opening known as pheunostome for the land slugs. Slugs that breathe air while in water are classified in ...
Study has shown that the four noses of a slug are used to detect light, smell chemicals that are present in water and sense heat. These noses are commonly considered ...
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