How many Oscars has Denzel Washington won?

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Denzel Washington (Actor) has been nominated for 6 Oscars, and has won 2.
Denzel Washington (Actor) was nominated for the 2013 Oscar for Best Actor for his role in Flight. He has won Best Supporting actor for Glory (1989) and Best Actor for Training Day (2001). He was also nominated for Cry Freedom (1987), Malcolm X (1992), and The Hurricane (1999).
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In 1989, he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of
Washington has been awarded three Golden Globe awards and two Academy Awards for his work, 5 in total.
Two. He won Best Director for Best Picture winners. The Bridge on the River Kwai. (1957) and. Lawrence of Arabia. (1962)
Jarre has 3 Oscars: Best Original Score: A Passage to India (1985),...
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In addition to his two Oscar wins, Denzel has also been nominated four other times. His first nomination was for Best Supporting Actor for the 1988 film "Cry Freedom." After his 1989 win for "Glory," he was again nominated for Best Lead Actor for 1992's "Malcolm X." His third nomination came in 2000 for Best Lead Actor for "Hurricane." He won for "Training Day" shortly thereafter. Denzel was again nominated in 2013 for Lead Actor in the film "Flight."

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