How Many Ounces Are in a Standard Pitcher of Beer?


While some beer pitchers may be larger than others depending on the establishment providing them, most beer pitchers come in a standard size. The typical beer pitcher contains 60 - 64 ounces of beer or other fluids.
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A regular beer pitcher holds around 60 oz. of beer. ChaCha!
A pitcher of beer generally holds between 48- 64 oz's.
The average pitcher of beer is 60 ounces, although some will hold 70 ounces.
Pitchers come in a variety of sizes from 16 oz to 64 oz and larger. You would have to ask the bartender and often they don't even know as they just pour it.
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The amount of ounces in a pitcher of beer varies by bar. Many pitchers are approximately 60 oz and are equivalent to five cans of beer. ...
In general, there are 60 ounces in a pitcher. This is equivalent to about 4 and a half 12 ounce glass servings. In certain bars, beer may be served in a pitcher ...
In the United States, a half barrel of beer holds between 14 and 16 gallons. A pitcher of beer usually holds 48 to 64 ounces. A half barrel of beer would contain ...
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