How many ounces are in a fifth of whiskey?


A fifth of whiskey contains 25.6 fluid ounces. The bottle contains one-fifth of a gallon, and a gallon contains 128 fluid ounces; one-fifth of 128 equals 25.6.

Several states had ordinances that set the measurement of 1/5 gallon as the legal threshold for selling liquor by the bottle or by the drink, which indicated whether the whiskey could be sold at a dry goods store or at a licensed barroom.

In the metric system, a fifth of whiskey contains 757.08 milliliters or roughly three-quarters of a liter. This is roughly equivalent to the size of a standard wine bottle, which is 750 milliliters.

Q&A Related to "How many ounces are in a fifth of whiskey?"
There are 25.6 ounces in a fifth of whiskey. A fifth is 1/5 of a gallon.
A fifth of whiskey is 26.5 fluid ounces, which is about 3 1/4 cups. Thanks
It is a fifth of a gallon. 1 Gallon [Fluid, US] = 128 Ounces [Fluid, US]
There are 25.6 ounces
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