How many ounces are in a fifth of whiskey?


A fifth of whiskey contains 25.6 fluid ounces. The bottle contains one-fifth of a gallon, and a gallon contains 128 fluid ounces; one-fifth of 128 equals 25.6.

Several states had ordinances that set the measurement of 1/5 gallon as the legal threshold for selling liquor by the bottle or by the drink, which indicated whether the whiskey could be sold at a dry goods store or at a licensed barroom.

In the metric system, a fifth of whiskey contains 757.08 milliliters or roughly three-quarters of a liter. This is roughly equivalent to the size of a standard wine bottle, which is 750 milliliters.

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There are 25.6 ounces in a fifth of whiskey. A fifth is 1/5 of a gallon.
A fifth of whiskey is 26.5 fluid ounces, which is about 3 1/4 cups. Thanks
A cup is larger than an ounce, so the better question is probably how many ounces are in a cup. The answer is eight. But you could say an ounce is 1/8 of a cup, or there is 0.125
When you are measuring grams to ounces there are 28.35 grams per ounce. If you have more grams than the 28.35 then to determine the number of ounces you would mulitply the number
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