How Many Oysters in a Bushel?


A bushel of oysters generally range from 200-300 oysters based on their size at harvest time. A bushel of oysters can weigh anywhere between 45-60 lbs. This amount can vary depending on how the bushels are measured.
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US or UK? try this site for your answer. ps last bushel I bought was 13 dozen. I came in a bushel, was called a bushel by th fishmonger
One bushel basket of oysters = 53 pounds = 18 quarts canned. ChaCha on!
depends on the size of oysters and the seller.however a bushel is 4 pecks and a peck can have between 20-30, depending on size and seller, anywhere from 80-120 oysters
A bushel is a unit of dry weight, or volume, so it can not be measured or translated into dozens. It is equivalent to at least 8 gallons in the UK.
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