How Many Pages Can You Get from an Epson XL Black Printer Cartridge?


You can get many pages from an Epson XL black printer cartridge. The number of prints can vary depending on the condition of the printer. You can get up to 150 prints.
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Epson itself sells black ink cartridges specially for their printers, depending on the printer make. Other companies that specialise in computers such as PC world, and Curries also
Good question, but depends on your printer settings, the fact of whether you are using genuine ink, or a compatible one. I always use genuine Epsom ink cartridges, that I buy online
epson is a good brand of printer for me and it served me for several years. regarding this: When the black-ink cartridge run out (how many pages can be printed) ? When the color-ink
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The average amount of pages that will be printed using a Dell Series 21 black ink cartridge is around 550. That is not taking into consideration that there may ...
The Kodak ESP3 all in one printer, black ink cartridge will print approximately 425 black and white, 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of paper from a cartridge that will cost ...
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