How many pages is a 4,000-word essay?


In general, the writer can expect a 4,000-word essay to run about nine pages if it is single spaced. The number of pages in a 4,000-word essay varies considerably depending on factors like font, number of paragraphs and spacing.

One good way to determine how many pages there are in an essay with a set number of words is to use a traditional dummy text called "lorem ipsum," which is a Latin text frequently used by visual designers to see the visual feel of a design stripped of content. On Microsoft word, using single spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font with 20 paragraph breaks, 4,000 words of "lorem ipsum" comes out to about seven pages. With standard MLA formatting, including double spacing, it comes out to about 14 pages. Font affects this considerably; a single-spaced essay in 12-point Verdana, for example, comes to nine pages.

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Pages come in all sizes and the amount of words on a page will vary from page to page. Some pages of a heavy novel might have thousands of words while a page from a children book
If double spaced with standard 1 inch margins all around, you should expect about 16 pages (8.5 x 11)
That depends on the margins and the spacing. ChaCha!
Often when a writing assignment is set in pages, it'll come with further specifications if they apply (single space, double space, etc) If it doesn't, students usually play with it
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