How Many Pallets Fit in a 20 FT Container?


A 20 foot container can fit 9 standard pallets inside. The size of the pallets and if the pallets can be stacked will determine how many can fit inside the container. If using a europallet then 11 would fit and 11 more if the pallets can be stacked.
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Pallets are 40'X48" or 4 feet long. 5 pallets equals 20 feet. 2 wide in a container is 10 pallets.
A 20ft container is generally 8'width X8'height X20'long. Therefore, two 42" wide containers could easily sit side by side. Since the length is 20ft = 240in. Take 240/42 = 5.7
2.352941176. According to this calculator: www translatorscafe com/cafe/units-converter/volume-lumber/calculator/pallet-to-cord-feet/.
In order to figure out how many
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A general purpose dry 20 foot container used in ocean cargo is normally 8 ft wide and 8.5 ft high. The volume formula is the length times the width times the height ...
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