How Many Patients a Licensed Practical Nurse Can Care for in a Work Shift?


It depends on the place you work at as an LPN. My cousin is an LPN and she cares for 40 patients. Other people she works with take care of no more then 60 patients per shift.
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The responsibility of obtaining organs for transplantation rests partly on critical care nurses. How nurses balance care of critically ill, brain-injured patients with the professional
The median salary for a practical
A PCT helps patients with dressing, washing,toileting and eating.An LPN is a nurse and they administer medications and treatments and do things like dressing changes.
It is within the scope of practice of the appropriately prepared licensed practical nurse to perform the following tasks related to chest tube care:
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LPNs or licensed practical nurses or vocational practical nurses care for and monitor patients progress. LPNs work in a range of health care facilities. These ...
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