How Many Pavers Per Square Foot?


Pavers come in quite a few different sizes. You will need to choose the type you want to be able to figure how many pavers it will take to make a square foot. Some are 12 by 12 inches, others may be 4 by 8 inches.
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How many brick pavers in a square foot.
Asphalt driveway costs are varied by region and the type of topcoat. Expect to pay $1.00 to $2.50 a square foot for a basic driveway. If you want a stamped topcoat, add $3.00 to $5.00
1. Look up the size of the rental property you have recently improved. You should have some sort of paperwork stating the size, in square feet, of the location. If not, measure the
Your location makes a very big difference in prices. The ballpark figure is $15.00-25.00 per square foot installed.
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