How Many Pence Are in One Dollar?


A pence is a monetary digit of the U.K. It is a fraction of a pound in the same way that that the American penny is a fraction of a dollar. At current exchange rates, there are 62.07 pence in one American dollar.
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As of 21st June 2009, $1 = £0.61 (61p)
1. Look up the current exchange rate for USD to GBP by using an online currency converter calculator. The XE and Oanda websites (see Resources) can be used for the exchange rate calculation
50 pence in US dollars is roughly $1.00 or
One pence is equal to 0.02 USD. If you have 100 pence you will have 1.52 USD.
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One hundred pence equals a total of one pound. It would take nearly 157 pence to equal just one dollar in the United States. A pence is a type of coin that is ...
As of 21st June 2009, $1 = £0.61 (61p). ...
As of 21st June 2009, $1 = £0.61 (61p). ...
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