How many pennies in a five-gallon jug?


How many pennies in a 5 gallon jug could fit. If every penny would fit exactly, the jar could hold up to $400 to $450 worth of pennies. In general, a jar of this size will hole 3,500 to 37,000 pennies. The worth of a filled bottle is approximately $300 to $350. To be exact, every penny should be counted.
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Because one penny weighs 0.006250lb or .002 Kilograms and the accuracy of the household scale is +/- 100th, then. If you are using Kilograms, then. Number of pennies +/- 100 = (Weight
You could fit approx. 30,200 Pennies in a 5 gallon jug. That's $302, but it would depend on how you packed them! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 06:23AM
The volume of a 5 gallon jug is 3785, hence one could fit around 30...
30,365 pennys. volume=pi *r^2* h. r=5 inch and h = .123 cm (recall that 1 inch in 2.54 cm) volume of penny = 0.6233 cm^3. 1 US gallon = 3 785.4118 cm^3. and 0.6233 goes into that
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