How Many People Are Homeless in the UK?


A person is considered homeless if there is no accommodation available for them. The numbers that exist only relate to people who are counted as homeless AND qualify for local authority help. Government figures show that about 16,000 are 'statutorily homeless with another 85,000 families in temporary accommodation
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there are many different reasons for this e.g. loss of job, loss of income or for kids a runaway.
People like you have no idea. I was homeless from age 17 to 19. You say you get unemployment benefit and your rent paid, I take it you are unaware of the chronic housing shortage
NOT that simple at all or as you try to make it. And that's a dead end street scenario anyway. There are ROGUE landlords and rip off rents. The government in UK let them run riot.
For agencies to recognise the needs of homeless people as human needs, and to treat them with more humanity.
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In 2007, nearly 672,000 people were homeless. After several years of small increases, homelessness jumped by 15% in 2009. It is estimated that 4,672 rough sleepers were counted in the capital, up from 4,077 last year. Only around 60% were UK nationals.
In the UK,there has been a rapid increase in homelessness. There are estimates of about 380,000 people without homes.
Britain has a staggering 380,000 homeless people who live on friends floors or b&b's. An estimate of that and the folks we find on the streets would add up to about a million plus homeless people across the UK.
According to recent studies, there seem to be a lot of homeless people in the UK as of 2012. Furthermore, the number of homeless people is about one million and half of them are living in squats. For more information, visit:
Statistics have shown that there are approximately 84,900 homeless households in the United Kingdom. Official records stated that about 498 people sleep outdoors every night. For more information, visit:
It is impossible to know how many homeless people there currently are in the United Kingdom as many of them live off the grid and are unknown to the government. That number is estimated to be somewhere in the one million range as of April 2012.
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