How Many People Are Homeless in the UK Today?


Britain has a staggering 380,000 homeless people who live on friends floors or b&b's. An estimate of that and the folks we find on the streets would add up to about a million plus homeless people across the UK.
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1 million homeless people.
Finding a job The above graph shows us that over half of 18-24 year olds can now be classified as long-term unemployed and we are in real danger of creating a lost generation. The
Studies show that as of 2006 the latest available 744,000 are
Because, say your 18, you have no where to go and you know you cant stay at home, or you get thrown out, either way you leave. You leave with almost nothing and it's hard to make
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Although it is not easy to pinpoint the precise number of homeless people in the UK due to the transient nature of the homeless population, an estimate would lie ...
According to recent studies, there seem to be a lot of homeless people in the UK as of 2012. Furthermore, the number of homeless people is about one million and ...
In the year 2010, there were about 1,500 homeless people in Wales. The number has increased since. For more information, visit: ...
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