How Many People Are in the Whole World?


Somewhere around 6.9 billion people live on the planet earth, a very high number that has increased over the years. If we continue at the rate we are going by 2150 there will be close to 10 billion people.
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The U.S. Census Bureau maintains a population clock that updates every minute or so based on Census 2000 data and recent national population estimates. There are about 6.78 billion
well i thinks thats a hard question because people die and come to the world every 7 seconds soo ??
In the world there are 195 countries, as of 2010. This includes all 192 UN-recognized countries plus Kosovo, Taiwan and the Vatican. It does not include Western Sahara or Palestine:
There are over 270 religions in the world. These religions are broken down into 19 categories, such as Islam and Christianity. With new religions appearing recently, this number has
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