How Many People are on Medicare?


As our population continues to age, the number of people on Medicare grows. There are close to 40 million people who are covered by Medicare health insurance. You can find out more information here:
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Medicare is a system set up by the government as a health provider originally for senior citizens and those that are disabled. However, now that there are more people disabled that
History The history of the Medicare program in the United States dates back to the years following the Great Depression. President Franklin D. Roosevelt spearheaded the establishment
As with any governmental program, there are a number of Medicare eligibility requirements, consisting of general program eligibility rules and eligibility requirements for different
Medicare comprises four different parts. One part is called Medicare Part A, which provides coverage for a hospital and skilled nursing facility care. Most individuals eligible do
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Approximately 43 million people are covered by medicare. Of these 36 million are 65 and older. The medicare program covers people 65 and older, some people with ...
As of 2006 there were approximately 43 million Medicare recipients. These figures change with new filings and deaths in the United States. ...
In 2008 44.1 million people were receiving Medicare. These numbers are rising monthly because thousands of baby boomers are reaching that age everyday. ...
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