How many people are there on a basketball team?


A basketball team consists of five on-court players; however, a team can have up to 15 players signed, and it can have up to 13 active players on its roster for the purposes of substitution during a game. As of 2014's collective bargaining agreement, the WNBA allows up to 12 players on a roster, up from 11.

In NCAA college basketball, a men's basketball team can grant scholarships to up to 13 players, and a women's team can grant scholarships to up to 15 players, effectively limiting the roster size. In the rare event that a team at any level is down to five eligible players and one receives enough fouls to be disqualified, that player remains in the game, and he is charged with a personal and team foul.

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I'm not sure if there is a real limit, but you should at least have 8 players just for subs and in case there is an injuries once i had a team and we only had 5 people. We all had
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I think there are a 345 mens teams based on this web page: Embed Quote.
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