How Many People Attend a NASCAR Race?


The number of NASCAR fans that attend a typical NASCAR race varies from location to location. For example, seating capacity at the Indianapolis 500 is about 250,000 seats, but you also have parking for RVs and motorhomes within the racetrack with nearly an unlimited amount of people to account for. With the total seats, as well as motorhome parking, the Daytona speedway can accommodate a little over 200,000 fans. Similarly, Talladega Speedway has 175,000 seats, but also allows RVs and motorhomes, which could drive event attendance up over 200,000.
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1. Pick a venue to attend a NASCAR race. NASCAR has venues all over the United States, from New Hampshire to California. Visit NASCAR's website for a list of tracks and schedules
Anywhere from about 80-100 thousand fans.
The first NASCAR race was held in 1949. Red Byron, from Atlanta was the champion in this race. He pocketed a total of $5,800 in race winnings.
Bristol is the best. Short track, not a bad seat in the house! Depending on your whereabouts in Ohio, it's about a 6 hour drive. (It is for me and I'm from Central Ohio). Charlot
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