How Many People Can Fit on a School Bus?


Depending on the size of a school bus and the students inside it, there are anywhere from twenty-six to twenty-eight seats on a ?regular? sized school bus. With two students per seat, the total amount of people that can fit on the school bus would then be fifty-two to fifty-six people, plus the bus driver. If you are looking at fitting smaller children?elementary age?on a school bus, you can likely fit three kids to a seat, which then lifts the number of people on the bus up to seventy-eight to eighty-four people, plus the bus driver.
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There are different sizes of school buses so each weight would be different. The smaller school buses range from 6,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds with the largest buses weighing 33,000
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The amount of people that are aloud to ride on a school bus at one time can vary on the size of the bus. For a normal size bus it is 2 kids per seat that are allowed ...
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A full sized school bus is built to carry between 59 and 90 passengers. You can fit the lesser if you are seating 2 persons to a seat and an uncomfortable ride ...
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