How Many People Can Sit At A 6 Foot Table?


The number of people that you can comfortably sit at a six foot table is 6, if it is rectangular in shape. It amounts to 3 people on either side. This allows adequate space between the chairs for easy egress and natural movement. A 6 foot diameter round table, on the other hand, has a circumference of roughly 19 feet. Therefore, using the same space between the chairs as measured on the rectangular table, it is possible to seat a seventh comfortably. It should be noted however that the round table will be the same in length as the rectangular table, but the width will be larger than the rectangular table because it's round.
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If you have a 6 foot table, you can comfortably sit 6 people. This would be assuming that the table is about 30 inches by 72 inches. The rule of thumb is that each person needs 2 to 3 feet of room.
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If you describe a table as being 6 foot, that would normally mean that it is 6 feet long, and rectangular in shape rather than round. Only round tables have a diameter. The term doesn't
I do not understand your question. Please explain.
You should plan for each person to have between 2.5-3 ft of space. On a 8-ft by 6-ft table, I believe you could seat 3 on each long side, and 2 on each short side, for a total of
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