How Many People Could the Titanic Hold?


The Titanic had the capacity to hold 3,547 passengers and crew, fully loaded. It recorded the highest capacity during that time. It’s length was 268 meters, gross tonnage was 46,328, net tonnage was 24,900, beam was 92.5 feet, height was 60.5 feet waterline to boat deck and depth was 59.5 feet.
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1500 people could fit in the 16 lifeboats and the 4 collapsible boats.
The number of people who survived the 1912 Titanic sinking is estimated at around 700 of the original 2,228 on board. A total of 337 passengers were in first class, 285 in second
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the Titanic carried 16 lifeboats and 4 canvas collapsible boats. They were capable of carrying 1,178 of the passengers and crew. Total number of passengers.1,316. Total number of
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